This is a Gated Community at night.

GOLDEN VALLEY SENIORS The first hay in the pasture has been cut.

May, 2007

Special invite for the wives to join us for the monthly meeting of the Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, May 10th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley. 


    On the third day of the month it was noted that the annual White River diversion to fill Lake Tapps has begun.  From a vantage point on the Radke/Barkubein Road bridge over the flume the first waters can be seen flowing towards Printz Basin, which then flows into the lake.  A chat with a friendly neighbor, who was letting his large dog run there, reveals it has been flowing for two days although only one of the two flumes is open so far.  His dog, by the way, has encountered a coyote there, and was bitten by a snake just yesterday.  Lake Tapps is on the way to being ready for boating by Memorial Day.  I wonder what the diversion has done to the regular flow of the river?
    The next day a check of the river shows no slowing of current.  Perhaps this is due to normal seasonal snow melt.  A pair of ducks floated down stream until nearing some rapids.  The male checked behind them and gave the ok and they flew away low over the waters.Wide Variety

    The Buckley Country Market is now open Saturdays 10-3 on Main Street.  Pies, plants, and crafts are available.

    Summer birds of Golden Valley include the barn swallows which swoop around our homes in flocks to gather up the flying insects.  A pair have made great sport of flitting into our open garage to feast on bugs high up in the open rafters.  A Rufous hummingbird makes the rounds of the wild flowers found along Golden Ripples.  Also spotted on one walk was the redheaded woodpecker which amazingly flew to one of the 15 mph signs and tapped a rapid staccato on the back of the metal sign.  Gold and house finches abound.  The robins find a never ending supply of bugs and worms in our lawns to feed the fledglings who are now being taught to find their own.    Beyond Golden Ripples

    Wildflowers have enhanced the area just across the rill, bursting out in yellows, purples, and soft lavenders.  A Bullock's Oriole was also spotted in this area.



    Honor 'Decoration Day'A returning annual was spotted amid the myriad of blossoms today. When you see them for sale, be sure to pick one up and remember those military men and women who made their supreme sacrifice so we can continue to enjoy our freedom in the United States of America.  Make Memorial Day meaningful this year.

  The mask as pictured on February's page is now gone.
The ever changing meadow
    Yellow flowers, (Scot's Broom - an invasive species), greet the visitor in the meadow.  Those same flowers appear on the satellite view in Google Maps which indicates the aerials were taken in the late spring or early summer some three/four years ago.

Source of many River sounds




    Listen to the chorus as the waters cascade along in a singing fashion. 




Camera is on a log


    When the activities of the world become overwhelming, sitting by the river is so-o-o peaceful. Bring along a seat and relax for a spell.




    On the afternoon of the 26th, the beautifully restored B-17G Flying Fortress Aluminum Overcast made a bombing run directly over downtown Golden Valley at low altitude.  This aircraft is an example of the American heavy bomber that helped turn the tide of battle in World War II.  It was an unforgettable sight with all its guns bristling.
    One final note for the month; the trap was found sprung and a fine specimen of a mole has been removed from the neighborhood.

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