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July, 2007

The monthly meeting of the Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, July 12th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley.


Beautiful day for a picnic gathering.    The whole family, (kids, grandkids, friends), was invited to the Golden Valley Independence Day Picnic beginning at noon on the 4th.  Everyone brought their own food, drinks, and picnic utensils and if they liked a dessert to share.  The activities were at the common area next to the upper mailboxes.  This was a great time to meet and mingle with the neighbors, old and new.
Multiple salmon rising towards elk?    The More I look at the Mountain, the more I wonder if the Elk and Salmon are really there?  Take a good look and explain it again to me, Terry.





    Dam is only used to prevent excessive flooding    This White River photo was taken 7-7-7 looking northeast (up river) from the Mud Mountain Dam and Reservoir observation platform.  Mud Mountain is the peak rising in the center of the picture.





Edging past Kibbles the elf

    An unexpected Saturday morning visitor wandered through the back yards, perhaps a young mule deer in search of its parents




  Leaving the backyards.

    After checking several more yards, it turned around and moved back towards our main street.
  (Roger caught a large mole in this yard yesterday - congratulations!!)





Not the best place to be exploring

    Finding itself alone at the intersection in downtown Golden Valley, and after listening to Tom calling out to get Bob's attention, our yearling turned around and was last seen by this observer crossing Golden Ripples, stopping traffic to head up the hill in the middle of the street.  It was reported that it soon returned and disappeared back into the lower woods.
    Ray, from down the block, relates that the owners of the land before it became Golden Valley, originally had their home down in the meadow by the river.  They got flooded out a good number of years ago and built anew at the SW corner of 66th Street and 241st Avenue, (near where the deer in the above picture is standing.)  That house was torn down during the development of phase II.
    The road work on Buckley-Tapps on the last day of the month reminded me of the same tar and gravel work on the streets of my hometown over 50 years ago.  Some things don't change much.  It even featured the same curious young lad on a bicycle trying out the new surface.

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