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September, 2007

The monthly meeting of the Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, September 13th - 8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley.

The  Golden Valley Ladies are having a luncheon
Thursday, September 20th - 11:30 am
The Panda Buffet
20625 SR 410 in Bonney Lake.
Get to know your neighbors and meet the new residents.
For more info and/or make your reservation, contact:
Barb or Sandy.


The Chili Feed/Potluck -- Saturday, September 29th - 5 to ??.  This event will be held at the Bowman Hilton Estates in Sumner.  RSVP to Dick Learn or Dan Bailey.

Clarification:  You will want to head South on 162.  The first stop light after going over the Puyallup River is the Bowman Hilton Road.  Turn left.  Follow it around until arriving at the entrance and turn right into the Bowman Hilton community.  Follow the road around until you reach the RV area.  The club house is to the left.

Along the South branch of the Trail.


    There wasn't enough space on the August page for this one, so I put it here for now.  This is not an invasion of tent caterpillars, but rather a purple flowered plant that has gone to seed.

Check the size of that salmon!




Do you recall the chainsaw art of the bears, begun in the spring, that was pictured on the March page?  The second tree trunk is complete and work is in progress on the third, (east of the post office).




    9-13-07:  Second BurroughsFor what may be the last hike in the mountains this season I enlisted my pastor for the day and we headed to Sunrise.  The Visitor Center and Snack Bar/Gift Shop were already closed and the whole place will close with the first heavy snowfall.


Pastor Paul on the Sourdough Ridge trail.

    We ascended to Sourdough Ridge and headed towards Frozen Lake where we took the trail on to the Burroughs Mountains.  We were able to reach our objective and enjoyed a breathtaking view of Mt. Rainier. 

 Disappointment Cleaver    A mysterious beam of light was being emitted from Disappointment Cleaver.Closed-up of mysterious light source







  Another 3 miles and we would have been to Glacier Basin Camp where the only way is up.  Time drew short though and moisture laden air was arriving to obscure the views. Looking northeast from Second Burroughs. That thin line is the trail. We hiked 5 1/2 miles round trip from the 6,400 ft level at Sunrise to the 7,400 ft level at the Second Burroughs. The white dot in this photo is a snow patch at Frozen Lake, some 1 1/2 miles away.
    Pastor Paul lead the way most of the day and kept us moving.  What an adventure!  We returned home; bade our goodbyes; and then I had just enough time to eat a hotdog with all the trimmings at the neighbor's get-together.  It will take a few days to rest up from this adventure, but I'd do it again!


Dining with a view


    The chili feed - potluck was an unqualified success even with a lack-luster turnout.  The club house overlooks the Puyallup River and is very well maintained.  Donated raffle prizes were hotly sought after and a tidy sum was added to our community recreation fund.

These beans were HOT!!!


    Two 'official' judges look on as Dick tallies up the scoring in the chili contest.






Feliz Caballero e Caballeras

    The proud winners display their loving cups and ribbons.  First place went to Gary, with a close second to Dolores, and a well deserved third to Judy.  All the entrants are to be congratulated for sharing their culinary skills.


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