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October, 2007

The monthly meeting of the Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, October 11th - 8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley.

Fine work by a local artisan




    The trilogy is almost complete. Jason hopes to finish by the end of the month.  There's a cougar on the opposite side, that has treed the raccoon.







    On the afternoon of the 9th, I took the short walk down to the River.  (Really, it's not very far!)  It was time for a check-up of conditions there, (and my doctor had also suggested more exercise).  The trail was in good shape with only one area that required sure footing to bypass a deep puddle. This is when a good hiking staff comes in handy.  The "River Trail" sign had been pulled from the ground at the junction of our trail and the neighbors' to the South.  It has been reported and should be repositioned soon.  The river bottom was easily reached again, but I quickly noted a smell that I recalled from my childhood days on the Mississippi River.  Along the shore, where I reported at the end of August, lay the carcasses of more than a dozen salmon.  One that appeared to be a Chinook measured about 4 feet in length, (25-30 pounds?).  In the calmer water near the shore I could see a few weary fish barely making any headway. They will also find their fate short of their goal.  Several Brown Skuas flew back and forth, upset by my apparent kleptoparasitic bent.  They returned to their feeding as I departed the river bottom and trudged home ahead of the rain.  I am almost glad that the camera is in the shop for repairs as the above scene was not necessarily photogenic.

Fiery colors!    Speaking of 'photogenic'; check out this beautiful, although short lasting, sunrise captured by Roger. 








    We all got a copy of "The Latest Letter", (If you didn't, you may ignore the following)... The following is what the Attorney General reports on his site...


Dispute Resolution

The purpose of the Mobile Home Landlord-Tenant Dispute Resolution Program is to provide information and resource services to community residents and owners so that they will have the tools available to make well-informed decisions and resolve disputes. The program cannot provide legal assistance.
Licensing Requirements and Resources

Under the new law, Manufactured/Mobile Home Landlords are required to register each lot in their park with the Department of Licensing by filling out the proper paperwork/licenses and paying the fees as required by the legislation.  The fee for each lot is $10, five of which may be recouped by the landlord from their tenants.  The fee is used to fund the program within the Attorney General's office and assist DOL's work in this area.

(Note: As written in Section 6-3-(b) of the law, this is an annual registration assessment.)

 Let me emphasize a statement from the Attorney General’s web page cited above.  

The fee for each lot is $10, five of which MAY be recouped by the landlord from their tenants. 

The word “may” gives permission, but does not require any further action.  These costs are normal expenses and therefore are recouped in the regular monthly lot rent. 


Lot #36, Golden Valley


    The first windstorm of the season has served as a wake-up call, and the power stayed on!

  Front Street, Leavenworth 



On the 23rd the foliage was still beautiful on the journey through the mountains towards Leavenworth, WA.





    Oops!  It won't fit!Another new home came down the street on the 25th, delaying the return of the women from their luncheon. 









They made it look easy.

    The house was too long to make the turn, so it was backed into the street before straightening and heading on its way.







One lane traffic for a while.

    The second half of the home was able to make the turn without the additional maneuver.   Three more sites are prepared for the expected arrivals of their homes this fall.  Two of those sites were filled on the 26th.  They look like identical twin spec homes sitting side by side.  It will be interesting to watch them as they develop their individual personalities.


Uses bill to dig up grubs.

    A Wilson's Snipe, (last seen in January) showed up by the Golden Ripples on the morning of the 27th and sat for its photo.  Staying for a while, digging with it's long bill, it searched for grubs in the muddy soil.




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