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September, 2008


Open observation car at end of the train.


Traveling in style on a beautiful sunny day doesn't get much better than that which is found aboard an open observation car rolling through the southern foothills of Mt Rainier.

Mt. Rainier  RR wooden trestle.  


The two hour ride on the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad was enjoyed by all as it wound its way through the forest route.

 The trestle crossing provided a spectacular  destination before returning to Mineral.

Renowned Northwest Folk Artist - J W Sparrow


  •  Live entertainment set the mood with railroading music and knowledgeable commentary of the lore and history of the area we passed through.






Another day and another adventure...

South side of Mt St Helens


The south side of Mount St. Helens provides the backdrop.  Ape Cave, just east of Cougar, is open year round, but getting there on a nice day can't be beat.  Read up on the preparations you will need to make before venturing into this eerie underground wonderland.



 Entrance to Ape Cave



The entrance provides the last natural light you will see for the balance of the hike, so bring a good source of artificial illumination with you and warm clothing to weather the 42 degree temperature.

Great hiking companions 



  Its a good idea to have hiking companions as the way is challenging at times.

Lower end of lava tube 


  The end of the hike of the lower cave is found in three quarters of a mile and then everyone must turn around to exit by the same entrance.  Oh; yes there is a challenging upper cave for the young and agile.





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