Golden Valley Winter Entrance


Mt Tacoma

November/December, 2008

Christmas Tree

Saturday, 15 December, 2007
5:30 P.M., Buckley Eagles Hall

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Candy Cane

    Just a thought:  Contrary to a current rumor going around concerning Maris Farm...

The farm has NOT been sold and is not up for sale.  When the current owner made his original purchase, the farm house was not a part of the deal.  He corrected that situation recently by buying the house when it was offered on the market.  Land ownership is now stable and we can look toward many years of enjoying the corn maze/pumpkin patch fall entertainment with our grandchildren.  Please research the facts before spreading rumors.

Gift exchange steal/keepThe annual Christmas Party boasted a record attendance and was indeed another huge success with the food and festivities second to none.  More pictures and commentary will undoubtedly appear soon on the Neighbor to Neighbor web site.  Plans are well under way for next year's gathering.




Snow signDuring the party, the first significant snowfall of the season began.  It dropped several inches of snow by morning.  Snow sign close-upA strange marking was etched into the fresh snow.  I will wait to see if this is over an old abandoned mole hill, or perhaps an unknown bird has left its mark.  Any ideas?

Kibbles on the first day of winter    Kibbles was up to his neck in the new fallen snow on the first day of winter.

Kibbles is there, somewhere    That night he disappeared completely as seen in this photo taken the following morning.  (Kibbles is in the center of this picture.)








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