Golden Valley Winter Entrance


Mt Tacoma

January, 2009


Happy New Year!


    When the Corps of Engineers opened the Mud Mountain reservoir a few days ago the White River resumed its flood surge, (Oops).  The following pictures were taken on the 14th and show an altered shoreline at the meadow.

This view is from the apple orchard at the foot of the trail.  The bank drops off abruptly a scant 7 or 8 feet from the old apple tree, and has been undercut, creating a dangerous situation along the rapidly flowing river.

As you look upstream notice the unstable soil erosion. 







Last summer this was the path to the river bottom.  The river is actually 5 or 6 feet below the edge.


Looking upstream from the above path.  The changes will continue as the White River proves its strength.


This is the view from the southern path.  Much of the bank has been washed away in the torrent.


These pictures were taken at the end of the first sunny day seen in a while.



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