Golden Valley Entrance


From Golden Valley gate.

September, 2009

     Photo by Don Armstrong 9-4-9


   Excitement On The White River -- There are no pictures to mark the event on the 3rd when the salmon were seen making their run to the spawning areas upstream. 

Photo by Don Armstrong 9-4-9

     Don made the hike to the river on the 4th, before the rains began and came back with a number of pictures to share.  These three photos show in grand detail the fish involved in this epic journey. 

Photo by Don Armstrong 9-4-9     The milky-white waters only allowed glimpses near the shore where they appeared to be idling to regain their strength before venturing out again where they could be seen swimming, jumping, and wrestling their way up the rocky rapids to the next pool.  Hundreds were spotted engaging in this activity.  Thousands must be presently in the river.


Ant hill near gate


     The new ant colony was stirring with activity on the morning of the 4th.  Will they be ready for the Labor Day picnics?  These critters seem harmless.



Close-up of ant hill.


     This close-up shows but a portion of similar activity found over the entire surface of their hill.  Check it out for yourselves, (look to the right - just beyond that last curve before reaching the gate area).


The TB visits the dairy.

     The 100 year old barn just up the hill was flattened by the tornado that passed over Golden Valley on the 6th.  This cow is a travel bug from the geocaching hobby engaged by many.  He is visiting this dairy before continuing on to Idaho in several weeks to spread his cause.




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