Golden Valley Entrance


From Golden Valley gate.

August, 2009

   Garage Sale August 7-8

     Signs have sprouted up all around Golden Valley proclaiming the upcoming community wide garage sales scheduled for Friday and Saturday, August 7-8.The sale sites were quite busy both, attracting lots of shoppers.





Apple orchard is in center of the picture.

     The trail from the fire pit area leads through a beautiful woodlands and eventually finds the river downstream a ways.  Here, in a mixture of rock and sand, the bottomlands are passable and most log jams can be crossed.  Climbing up the bank again, the trail to the orchard is regained.  The river changes its mood frequently, so this description is only temporary in nature.   

     On the walk back from the river on the 8th, a covey of California Quail, foraging in the underbrush at the junction of the three trails, broke into flight. Their flight was explosive but lasted just long enough to reach deeper cover and completely rattle this observer. 


Don evaluates the route.

     On the 17th,(a beautiful day indeed) the two of us headed to the White River Campground in Mt. Rainier National Park.  We planned to hike the storm damaged Glacier Basin Trail.  There remained much more debris than expected and we were soon making our way up through the river boulders and over log jams where the trail had been wiped out.


The River's path of destruction.

    At times the Mountain presented itself to keep us on track.  At other times we were dependent on trail flags set out by rangers  The trail would shift to an old copper miners' road or wooded paths, but always with the emphasis on, climb, climb, climb. 


Hiking trail marker.



      Novel trail markers were found from time to time amongst the rubble.

Looking from Glacier Basin campground.


     This is the view from near the end of the trail, just beyond the Glacier Basin Campgrounds.  In the background is our goal. 




Headwaters of the White River.     The glacial snows streaming down the mountain sloop provide the White River its beginning.  Yes, that's packed snow down there. 

     At this point I ended my progression, in almost total exhaustion having gone 3.75 miles with an altitude gain of 2080 feet at the 6400 foot level, (the same altitude as the Sunrise Visitors' Center.)  

Don returns from the glacier.     Don continued on another half mile and additional 480 foot gain in altitude to 6880 feet, to come face to face with the glacier. 

     We arrived back at the White River Campground as the day was ending.  The challenge was successfully met and the wealth of the event was etched in our memories and preserved in many more pictures than shown.  Want to see more?  Just ask.  We may just try something like this again.  Would you like to join us? 


The food was tasty.


     The End of Summer Community Picnic on the 22nd was enjoyed by all who could be there, as the weather cooperated with a beautiful sunny day.  What a great way to get to know each other better.  Did I mention great food?



Square dancing lesson    

     Special entertainment by a Buckley square dance group included a couple from right here in Golden Valley.  Everyone was given the opportunity to try their hand at the basic steps.  New talent has been spotted. 

     The picnic committee has earned the thanks of all for organizing a great afternoon.


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