Golden Valley Entrance


From Golden Valley gate.

January - February, 2010

    Animal activity?



    As I took my first walk to the river this year, a tree caught my attention.  Wood chips on the ground lead your gaze upward.  It appears that some animal has clawed away at the dead wood, probably seeking a tasty morsel of slug or grub.  Look on the right not far down the trail.




Tangled wood seen along trail



   With no leaf covering, interesting patterns are seen in the struggling saplings.  It looks like great wood to whittle into walking staffs. 





Swampy area.



   These large swampy areas are definite wetlands; hidden by the greenery in the Summer.







     Smoke rises from an apparent campfire Hunters' campfire across the riveracross the river.  Gunshots suggest there may be hunters in the area.







Can spring be far off?


     With the arrival of the weeping willows, can Spring be far off? 






Largest yet.   On Groundhog Day, what could be more fitting than to find the largest mole yet that has tunneled its way across the back of four or more yards this winter. 
     This mole displays his prolific burrowing claws, before being buried headfirst in the tunnel he was traveling through.  A welcomed morale boost in midwinter. 


First time in 6 years.


     I know, two pretty photos in a row, but this event, on the "Birthday of Abraham Lincoln", needed to be documented.





Litter at the river's edge.


     Yes, it's one last ugly picture for the month, but needed to be shown.  The next time you're down by the river, take along a trash bag, and we'll get the place picked up.  I placed what I came across in the little shed. 



New gate to the village.


     Wow, here's a new gateway to Golden Valley.  This picture is looking towards the village from the River Trail sign.  It restricts vehicular traffic.  No more getting lost!



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