Golden Valley Entrance


From Golden Valley gate.

March, 2010

  The Farm

     On the first day of spring my grandson joined me in our search of a NGS (National Geodetic Survey) bench mark.  The walk up the hill paid off.  You see the dairy barn, in the background, that was spared by the tornado which brought down the main barn, etc.  Today was a beautiful, sunny day.  The cows are back to pasture now, after spending the winter in the barnyard.


The Marion Bench Mark.



     I rotated the view of this U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey Azimuth Mark by 180 degrees.  It's called Marion (like Marion Grange).  Bench marks are used by surveyors to lay out property lines, buildings, roads, and other man-made needs.  





   Check out this artistic arbor along the Foothills Trail, (Warner Ave just east of the 410 in Enumclaw).      





     This plaque may only appeal to a geocacher.  The daffodils are in bloom 


     March has gone out like a lamb.




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