Restored by Pat D - 2010 (there is a buck behind the 2nd rock from the right in the top row.)


View from Enumclaw

July, 2010


  Puyallup Village Community Band


  The rains held off for the entire Fourth of July patriotic concert performed by the Puyallup Village Community Band on the grounds of the Meeker mansion.  The Mansion had its doors open for tours.




Summer moon just prior to setting over Golden Valley    


     Taken several nights after the eclipse of the sun had occurred, the moon had already moved from the vicinity of Venus, to put on its solo show in the cloudless summer night's sky.



 Yoda on display   




     One of the most renowned and powerful Jedi Masters in galactic history, Yoda is now found on display with other sci-fi buddies in the EMP Science Fiction Museum next to the Space Needle.





Space Needle



      Did someone mention Space Needle?





On the road to Sunrise.



     The "Northwest Adventure Seekers" crew find the perfect view along the road to Sunrise.  Be sure to visit Mt. Rainier on a clear day.



Shadow Lake - Sunrise Camp Loop


    With stunning views of the Mountain to guide them, the 3.5 mile Shadow Lake - Sunrise Camp Loop gentle mountain stroll was a perfect place to share the beauty to be found everywhere.  The late spring snows had melted and the wild flowers were in bloom.


Crossing the White River on a log bridge.


     For the young and agile a trek across the frigid and rapidly racing White River on the Wonderland Trail was a 'must do'!




Funnel Web Grass Spider.  


     Funnel Web Grass Spiders, (found primarily in the Pacific Northwest), have spun four such traps along the drive. Their bite is low risk and they are non-aggressive.  The natural enhancement seen here was caused by the morning dew.



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