Restored by Pat D - 2010 (there is a buck behind the 2nd rock from the right in the top row.)


View from Enumclaw

June, 2010


Disappearing paths 


     With the welcomed absence of motorized vehicles on the river trails, it is becoming harder to locate the paths.  This trail from the apple orchard down stream is now grassy with a good mixture of new ferns and thistle.  The tennis shoes are still hanging from the tree in the upper left. 



Disappearing embankment



     Don't be tempted to get too close to the edge as the river is actively eroding the embankment, and you could take a six foot tumble into very cold water.





Foxglove close-up

     This stand of Foxglove was spotted near the river.  The river is running at a respectable rate considering the recent rains that have added to the annual mountain snow melt.

     A volunteer group of Golden Valley men has been busy this week trimming back the growth along the river trail.  We owe them a debt of thanks for all their hard work. 


9 pm sunset

     Rare occasion - a full day of overcast parted briefly at 9 pm for a moment of beauty on the 28th. 






Close-up of God's work.


     Better close-up of the beauty.








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