Gated Community With An Open Gate at times.


View from Enumclaw

September, 2010


Buckley Veterans Memorial



       A new memorial to all military veterans nears completion along the Buckley Trail. 





Buckley Veterans Memorial




     Close-up, featuring (appropriately) the NAVY stone.








What does this sign refer to? 

    A new sign, seen in the middle of Golden Ripples, could be referring to a fish population which hasn't been seen since the beavers built their dam downstream many years ago.  Or, perhaps the current is too swift now for swimming.  The best guess would be that it's a warning the stream is polluted.  Anyway, if the past is prologue, the winter storms will swell the flow and sweep the sign away.  

Seasonal rains arrive.


     Sometime around the middle of the month the skies opened up and the seasonal rains began.




Bridge trouble again.     The bridge on the river trail has been vandalized again.  This time the final coordinates for the Shoe Tree Treasure were destroyed with it.  Not much use was made of the trail this summer and the signs of wildlife returning are more apparent.  A bald eagle was flying low, up the river until it spotted the photographer.  With an abrupt turn it headed back down the river and disappeared before a photo record could be made of the event

Hidden Treasure Box



    The Shoe Tree treasure was hidden at the base of the tree that has the tennis shoe hanging on a limb. 



Exposed Treasure Box



     The grass covering has been moved aside, and the treasure retrieved on the 21st until a new hiding spot can be created. 



Praying Mantis 


     It sat on the glider for awhile, and then moved along to better hunting grounds.





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