Gated Community With An Open Gate at times.


View from Enumclaw

October, 2010 


Oxen drawn pioneer wagon replica.


     The Washington State History Museum in Tacoma is filled with exhibits that will teach and entertain for hours.  There are two floors packed with permanent and temporary displays of both 'don't touch' and 'hands on' bits of the state's exciting past.

So many exhibits to see.



   Easy to follow floor plans guide the way to each connecting section from the ancient past to the enriched present.



     Annual visitor to the fertile feeding grounds of Golden Ripples?




     Could this be the very same Wilson's snipe that stopped by three years ago?




The snipe returns.



     It has been here all weekend, probing for grubs in the moist dirt near Golden Ripples.  Unfortunately a mole has been probing the nearby area again too, so traps have been rigged to meet that underground challenge.  The snipe retreated to the protection of the underbrush up-stream.Another view of the falls.



      Snoqualmie Falls always puts on a great show, and the drive there is relaxing on a sunny day.  This view is from the upper observation area.



Through the mist.

     The Falls, as seen from the main observation platform, sends up a constant soaking spray.





Autumn leaves at the gate.


     The fall colors weren't too vivid this year, but the changing of the seasons is in full swing as seen from this view of the leaves by the entrance gate. 




Colorful soft maple.


     The brighter hues can be found in the trees chosen for landscaping.






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