Golden Valley Entrance


Mt Tacoma from Sunrise.

October, 2011


Robin's nest

      It was an unfortunate choice of location that had apparently left this nest unattended.  Too close to the house, the robin met with some sort of disaster and the four eggs were found, intact, but abandoned.  Good news though, is that the Wilson's Snipe made his fall visit to Golden Ripples this last full week of October.






      Snoqualmie Falls is still the spectacular show as always.  PSE is in the middle of renovating and renewing its hydroelectric facilities so the trail down to river level is closed for a while.  Great viewing is available from the upper platforms and walks.





Snoqualmie 'Bombs'


      EarthCache, (a type of geocache), suggests that the larger rocks seen below the falls in the river may be spherical volcanic bombs of the fusiform type.  As there are many types of these bombs, the reader is left to research further on his own.



     Ah, Yes!  A doe pranced down the backyard, circling to the street and quickly headed back into the thicket, two houses upstream!  All this on the otherwise rather dull rainy afternoon of the 28th. 



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