Golden Valley Entrance


Mt Tacoma from Sunrise.

September, 2011




     The pinks are reported to be running in great numbers again this year.  The river is still moving at a good clip due to the late snows in the spring. It breaks apart at times into multiple rivulets, each seeking their way downstream.  There are no salmon to be seen in this picture as they are as rare to spot and photograph as shooting stars.  They can be seen at times moving up the shallow rivulets though, when one has enough patience.   





     The eagle seen here  was not alone in the skies over the river where 6 were spotted soaring at one time in the distance. 




Old apple tree?


In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree - 
Down by the Riverside... 

     The apple trees produced no fruit this year.  Most of the branches are dead and covered with moss, with only a few green leaves here and there.  Nice area to sit down in a lawn chair to relax and enjoy all the river brings your way. 




Queen of Seattle


     On a mostly cloudy and cool day, between the morning and evening rains, a cruise on the paddle wheeler, Queen of Seattle, provided an enjoyable adventure.  The 2 hour trip from the south end of Lake Union all the way to the Chittenden Locks and back was filled with onboard goldrush entertainment and  sight seeing views. 




 Paddle wheel


     Here is what moves the largest paddle wheeler west of the Mississippi through the water. 






Steam calliope


     An authentic steam calliope on the top deck, behind the wheelhouse provided entertainment on the return trip under the opened Aurora Bridge.




 Gas works



     Another sight, (among many along the shores of Lake Union), is the old gasworks that has been turned into a city park.





Fremont troll 

     The infamous Fremont Troll lives under the Aurora Bridge.  Yes, that's a VW Bug gripped in his left hand.  Also to be found in the Fremont district is a 53' high rocket ship; a cast aluminum 'Waiting for the Interurban'; and a 16' tall bronze statue of Lenin, (straight from Czechoslovakia).  There are many 'Henry' fantasy murals on the walls of buildings, "created to discourage graffiti".   With the motto "Freedom to be Peculiar", Fremont is "The Center of the Universe!" and home to


Spider webs



   The spider webs in the meadow are well defined, wearing their drops of morning dew. 




'Old salmon'


     The first full day of autumn finds many spawning salmon worn out from their journey and short of the stream they tried to return to.  These three are swimming in an upstream direction while actually being swept downstream. 




The gulls are waiting.



     The gulls have begun to gather in anticipation a great feast.  No fish will survive even after a successful journey, but the species will live on.



First responders training.

        A cross-section of neighbors met in a training session, led by a Pierce County representative, to learn response skills that would be used in the event of a major disaster.  These would include earthquakes, eruptions, wildfires, or violent winter storms.  Training and preparation has been ongoing.  This session included a walk-through of the neighborhood to learn of possible issues that could occur when normal help and assistance channels are overwhelmed.




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