Golden Valley Gate Sign


Mt Tacoma from Sunrise.

April - July, 2012


Great Blue Heron




     This Great Blue Heron has been seen flying the skies of Golden Valley, and on the morning of the 9th of April it perched a while on the old fence behind the middle mailboxes.








Dragon Boat



     Dragon Boat races are a big attraction in Portland, OR.  In early May the crews were conditioning for a June event on the Willamette River.  






Strange plant 1




    Speaking of dragons, this weird looking flower that bloomed for two days in late May is a female dragon lily.  It smells like a dead carcass. Before it bloomed it had the appearance of a dragon's tail.








Strange plant 2



     In this top down view, its pointed center spike called a spathe disappears into a seed pod at the stem containing a foul smelling liquid, (giving the flower its alternate name, 'stink lily').






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