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Mt Tacoma from Sunrise.

February - March, 2012


Daffodils in the snow


     The annual daffodils and tulips that have been emerging for the past several weeks were treated to a light snowfall on the 6th of March.







St. Patrick's Duck



     Well, the vegetation is green for St. Patrick's Day, even with a little snow falling.  This duck first showed up across the street several evenings ago, looking and acting like it was injured.  Glad to see it back again and in good health.





Closer when fed.        It went for a swim in Golden Ripples, (also called Little Otter by some folks), ate some proffered bread, drank from the stream, took a bath, splashed, preened and finally took a nap. 

     This story was all over by noon as the duck of unknown origin waddled on down along the stream and disappeared from view.

     News Flash:  It's now been identified as a Muscovy duck.  The size of a small goose, it's a native of Mexico and Texas.  This is probably the domestic subspecies that is also known in Spanish as "Pato Casero" (backyard duck) or "Pato Mudo" (dumb duck). 



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