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Spring 1984 - From corner 4th and Oak
Photo by: Gregg Kammerer



1950s - Bethel Presbyterian Church at Broadway and Highway 96




The Hamilton Methodist Church as viewed from the west, one snowy winter's day in the 1950's.  During this time ideas were being formulated by the congregation which would eventually add an educational wing on the land in the foreground.


Hamilton Grade School - 5th Grade Picnic at Nauvoo State Park, 1955





Grade School Operetta on stage at Safford Memorial Hall (about 1951).  The Auditorium has seen major alterations in the ensuing years, (including partitioning) and a general decay.  Now the Safford Group, working with the Cardinal Foundation Fund, is awakening a renovation effort to return the auditorium to its previous splendor.


Hot Lunch at the Grade School, 9th and Main Streets. - 1950s




Hamilton Doctors B.C.Kappmeyer and R.M.Hathaway administer inoculations in the nurse's office at the Hamilton Grade School.  The blackboard writing says "Please take off shoes before lying down." Signed: "Miss Leach Assistant Librarian"

Irene Felgar & Eloise Dickens - Clerks for Cosgrove. About 1946

(Aunt Jane Pure Cherry Preserves or Seedless Blackberry Preserves - Lb jar 39. Plumb Perserves Lb jar 27)


Window decorating. May Wright and Glenadine Miller  
A Grade School Committee decorates store window for Halloween. Clerks May Wright and Glenadine Miller pose in front of Peterson's Groceries and Meats at its close in the Fall of 1951.  
Looking north. Den 4, Cub Scouts - Spring 1953  
Casley's Maid-Rite as seen from 2nd and Main Streets.  1950's

Cub Scout Den 4 - April or May 1954 - L to R: Pete Wells, unknown, Nelson Kimmell {Den Leader}, Humphrey, Jim Scott, Bob, Murphee, Matice? 

1st Methodist M. E. Church, late 40's Presbyterian Church of Wythe  

Sunday Morning Peace.
No sports' or other distracting activities on 'The Lord's Day'!
Perhaps  a lesson to be learned here?

Presbyterian Church of Wythe.  This was about 5 miles south of Hamilton.  In 1952 the congregation was merged with that of Bethel Presbyterian Church of Hamilton.  Since then the Wythe church has been torn down and the materials used to build an addition to Faith Presbyterian Church of Niota, Ill.  (Photo taken in 1952.) 


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