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Bob Duffy - Hamilton Street Supt. - 1947
4th Street between Oak and Laurel


Bulldozer on 4th Street



City Loader - Truck - Grader (new gravel surface for 4th Street).


City grader smoothes the existing surface on Oak between 4th and 5th Streets in preparation for blacktopping.

The Grader got stuck!


Loader - Loaded with after-hours Pirates - Bob, Pinky, Bill, Terry, Pete, and Esther.



Tar truck laying down liquid tar.  W. L. Miller Company of Elvaston did the blacktopping.


This stuff was burning hot and messy!  In the summer it would ooze up through the gravel surface and stick to the bottom of young bare feet.



Manually filling edges and other missed spots.  Looking east at 5th and Oak.


The gravel truck drove backwards to spread an even top layer over the raw tar coating, which then was immediately ready to drive on.

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