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Bob Mott

Hank Peterson


Bob Mott Mott delivers for Fairview Dairy

Hank Peterson delivers for Cosgrove and Son


New stovepipe candy canes being placed on the street light poles by the local merchants along Broadway for the Christmas Season, (this one at the Public Library corner). - 1950's - Left to right - Ken Galloway, Neal Hardy, Hubbard Cosgrove.

Help identify these women.  I believe that this photo was taken in the early 50's in the Mildred Mills home at 4th and Laurel.  Left to right: Mary Wait, Evelyn Brownfield, ??, Mildred Mills, Alma Daugherty, ??, Mildred Thompson.  This may have been a meeting of the Mary and Martha Sunday School Class.


Harry and Veta Loeffler, and son Swede - 1945
"Loeffler Plumbing and Heating"


Off to the District Music Contest - Spring 1952


Dick and John Wells

Lakeview Diving - August 1937

There were three diving heights.  Note that the Cheney Creek channel was deep at that time as there seems to be no concern of hitting bottom.  Now, I am told, power boats have difficulty navigating due to natural silting in the area with no relief in sight from the Corps of Engineers.  Much has changed in the past 70 years.






This photo, which is identified as Wild Cat Springs, (written in pencil on the back side), also has the name "Valentine", which may refer to Valentine Dadant (on left?), daughter of Camille and Mary Dadant.  Others are likely all family members.  Photo about 1900-1910?



Freshmen (Class of '56) homecoming float.  

Hamilton Methodist Centennial Pageant given at Safford School Auditorium in Oct 1953.  Written & narrated by Maxine Cottrell.


Lost the game, 0-26, but were Lamoine Valley Co-Champions in 1952!  


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