Box 107

Esther and Bob got the mail!

    The Hamilton Post Office has been in the same building for many years, but a lot of changes have been made.

  The box number I remember was 107 which was a small sized box located in the middle of a sea of boxes.  Another number, 112 was found on mail delivered from the late 30's up to 1940.  Of course mail was also sorted with only the name, town, and state.  Zip code -- never heard of it!

    There was no home delivery in the 1940s.  The mail was sorted several times a day which allowed for pick-up options, particularly when an important letter or package (i.e. Monkey Ward's order) was expected.  It was neat to get there early to observe the letters being sorted, through the windows of each box.  A key was used to access the contents of the box.

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