Frances to John, December 14, 1915

Postmarked: Dec 14,1915, Philadelphia

F.Wells Episcopal Hospital-Phila Pa

Mr John M. Wells
Y.M.C.A. Building
Wilmington Delaware

Dear Old John

Maybe I wasn't glad to see your hand-writing! For I had watched for a letter from you for so long! Now don't let it be such a long wait again. We are started now let's keep it up. I hope you can make out this chicken scrawl & that I don't get writers cramp ere I finish! My fountain pen has disappeared somewhere & if it doesn't turn up soon my heart will be broken! Now to answer one of your questions - about my plans for the future - I am not going to Municipal Hospital as I had planned. Miss Brown has asked me to stay on here as one of the Head Nurses and I have accepted. To say the very least it is a mighty big honor & ought to be taken advantage of if for no other reason than I love this place & the work & have some mighty good friends here I'd hate to leave. So you see I am a very fortunate girl. I come back here Feb. first. I leave Jan 6th and hope to have a good vacation with Esther Schoonmaker up near Boston, perhaps three weeks. So much for myself. I'll send your message to Guy in my next letter. You know she isn't here but up in Buffalo. She is just getting over Scarlet Fever. Poor girl had a pretty tough time of it but is up & about again now. By the way before I forget it - do you remember that you promised me you would give me one of your commencement pictures? If you don't remember, take my word for it you did and Jack I want one whole heaps - so please sir get busy & send me one.

Did you know that both Eleanor & Esther have been sick. Esther had laryngitis & went up to "417" to be "babied" Then two days later Eleanor went to bed with the Grippe. She is still laid low but heaps better. Mrs Kilpatrick is taking care of the family, a rather expensive but comfortable amusement. Arthur & Florence as well as Betty all had a first cousin to Grippe too - seems to have swept the whole city so far as we hospital people can make out!

I am glad you are so happy in your "home" arrangements & do hope you can keep them but when the ice etc gets bad perhaps you will want to move across & have the prospects of getting back when the winter is over. You know when I get to be "big boss" I get all of every other Sunday off so this is a gentle hint for you to ask me to spend one with you in Wilmington - don't forget.

They have just phoned that the "Buss" is bringing in two cases so I had better begin to commence to stop.

John if this seems rather "cold & pre-occupied" blame it on the fact that "on duty" & stiff white linen are not as productive of real cozy chats as a bath robe, big chair & warm bright room. I'll try to do better next time. Never the less heres heaps of love & the best of all things to you.


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