Frances to John, March 2, 1917

Postmarked: Mar 2, 1917
708 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Penna

Mr. John M Wells
Riverside Club House
Pennsgrove, New Jersey

Dear John,

Your letter came a couple of days ago but this is the first free minutes I have had! If you were happy imagine how happy then I am and then you can let loose all you want to. I simply cannot wish you any greater happiness. It is truly the most wonderful joy one can have and a joy that deepens and becomes more blessed every day. I know you have had a good taste of it but wait until you are actually studying and later when you reach the point of becoming aquainted with the place where in you will work and commence to plan for and around your days there and by that time as I am now it seems as if the future held more happiness and goodness than one could possibly be worthy of.

My heart is just brimful tonight and I wish I could talk it out with you as pen and paper are entirely inadequet to express all I want to. I will have to tell you this much - that strange as it might seem although I rather feel that you have known it - I have always felt that you had the longing to take up the ministry and were hoping and watching for the call and then the chance to fit yourself after the answers. It has been one of my happiest dreams to see it all come true and a thing that I have prayed hard might come true for you as I knew it must bring untold happiness for one of your temperment and you will know as days go by just how true it all will be.

About your coming up. I have all day Thursday and Friday of each week unless an unexpected lecture or something turns up. Please come up soon as there is so much I want to hear & talk about. Phone me hear (Ch. Training & Deaconess House in book) any evening between 8 & 9 except Sat & Sun. or any morning by 9 AM. I had a dear note from Dea. Mitchell which I shall answer in the very near future.

Lots of Love "Fanny"

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