Frances to Deaconess Mitchell, March 6, 1917

Postmarked Mar 6, 1917
708 Spruce Street

Deaconess Virginia Mitchell
Carneys' Point, New Jersey

Dear Deaconess Mitchell

Thank you so much for your note that came last week. I would have answered it sooner had I been able to tell just when I would have some free time. Our schedule has been a little upset lately due to the readjustment of classes to fit in with the church services of our lecturers.

Wednesday afternoon all day Thursday and Friday are elective classes for me so that I can be "free" during any of that time. I do hope you can come sometime very soon and Deaconess Carter wants you to come in time for luncheon at 1 P.M. if you will let me know your train time I will meet you.

Most sincerely, Frances Wells

Written on the back of the envelope. (By Deaconess Mitchell?) I wonder when she wrote this? Tomorrow if nothing happens I shall go up on the noon train as planned. Does she know that I know the Great News? Probably I would better not mention it. Are you "all in". After your trip with Sam!

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