Frances to John, April 27, 1917

Postmarked: Apr 27, 1917
708 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Penna

Mr John M. Wells
Riverside Club House
Pennsgrove, New Jersey

John dear,

Just a line to thank you for your note that came this evening. I was more than interested in what you had to tell me. I think Mr Pember quite wise in wanting you to talk to the Bishop and I do hope that you can get up to see him soon. If you have a few minutes to stop in at "708" when you come up be sure to drop me a card so that I will not go out.

Do you think it would be the thing for you to write Dr Johnson (Robert), 37th and Chestnut Sts a small note of appreciation of his interest? It would give you an opening and footing there at the Ch. of Our Savior in case you do go to the U of P and would like to attend services etc there and teach S. School for instance with other students, for Dr. J is most popular with the university students.

Mr Pember was operated on on Tuesday & they found just plain appendicitis but with no complications, so by now he ought to be over the effects of the ether and be fairly comfortable, for which we are all very thankful. I got the word on Tuesday when I went out to speak to the G.T.S. of St. Michaels'. I saw the new parish house, isn't it wonderful!

With heaps of love and many thoughts & prayers for you in your planning your future life work.

As ever "Fanny" My love to the Deaconess

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