Frances to John, May 11, 1917

Postmarked: May 11, 1917
708 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Penna

Mr John M Wells
Box #423
Pennsgrove, New Jersey

John dear,

Your note with the enclosure came this AM. Thank you very much.

As you say the time will be gone ere I know it and we will be many miles apart but I know that we will be together in interest and sympathy and to a great extent in work.

When you come up on the 19th to see the Bishop do you expect to have time to stop at "708"? If you are planning to do so as I hope you are drop me a card or else I might not get in until late. Come either before or after remembering that I shall have to be excused at 8 PM as we always have a preparation service for celebration the following morning at that time.

I am anxiously waiting the arrival of your picture. Joseph's is fine and I am so glad to have it. Hoping to have the good fortune of landing one of Jim too. Then my family photo gallery will be pretty nigh complete.

It certainly will be great to have your pictures for naturally I shall miss you all - but then with the next best and then when in that wonderful place it all won't seem so very far off for there I already know all things seem near and so wonderfully drawn close to God in a country where he in nature reigns so supreme. John I love the place now and I know when I am there it will "get me" as badly as the worst. I have always love the pioneer's life and I expect it is the truest sense there.

Heaps of love Fanny

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