Frances to John, May 14, 1917

Postmarked: May 14, 1917
708 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, Pa

Mr John M Wells
Box 423
Pennsgrove, New Jersey

John dear:

I am still watching the mails for your picture! When is it coming? Eleanor has mine for you so hustle up and get it from her! but not until I get yours!

I am more than anxious to hear the upshot of your visit with the Bishop last Saturday whether there is an upshot and your opinions etc of his ideas - for you know he represents the High Churchmanship - quite the of Bishop Garland and many other prominent clergy - so I am really quite interested to know how he would handle such an interview as you probably had. Sometime in the near future go out and see Dr Johnson at the Ch of Our Savior. You would have to get an appointment with him. You would have a rare time and one not easily forgotten as he is a Scotchman of the biggest broadest type with ideas and a brain as vast as the moors of his native land and a most unusually approachable man. He is home now. Just got back from several weeks in the south. Go see him you will never forget it even if you feel that you are not ready to accept any advice from any one. He will send you away with the feeling you have made a friend who is a king among men and you will be thinking things clearer than you ever did before without having had any "advice" thrust upon you. You may think me raving - try it & see. Now when if at all am I going to see you again. I will be at "155" for supper Sunday night or here Tuesday evening (early) or Tuesday afternoon after 5 P.M.

We leave this city of Brotherly Love on Wednesday. After that my address will be % Maple Cottage Peapack, New Jersey - until about the middle of June when by that time I shall send you my next address for I am counting on many letters from you.

If you cannot get here ere I leave, do write me as soon as you can of what you are turning over in your mind regarding your plans for this next year, because if you cannot undertake college or Divinity School in the near future on account of the war (although of course you would not be taken from the D School to fight but this would sacrifice your University work) If you are not going to need help (I say) for this year I want to send Theodore back to Perkeomen as he needs to have some one take care of him in a regular life until he is more developed as he is still although ready for High School very much undeveloped in his will and general stability and his last year there has done heaps for him. He will go back I feel sure as Aunt Jeannie is determined as much as I that it is best for him to do so - only I don't want to sit back and let her worry it all out if I am to have a full pocket book as I shall more than likely get about $4000 this summer. The interest as I promised is yours first but if that first is to be postponed I want Theodore to have it this year - see?

Try if possible to get Joseph with you this summer. You both will be the biggest kind of comforts to each other - he is thinking it over and you can appeal to him through his heart. I gained a heap towards getting him with you in telling him how much you needed him that you were so lonely etc. Now this is just a hint and I think that if you drive it home further you will have a happier summer than formally and he will get a heap of good from you & Mother Mitchell.

Give M.M. a great deal of love. I am so thankful you have her. Write soon and with heaps of love ever .

Your own, Fanny

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