Frances to John, June 6, 1917

Postmarked: Jun 6, 1917
Maple Cottage
Peapack, New Jersey

Mr John M Wells
Box 423
Pennsgrove, New Jersey

John dear:

Just a line in a few minutes to catch the next mail. It has just occured to me that you might be mailing your picture here while I was traveling across the continent! We are leaving sooner than I thought, leaving here on Saturday of this week to spend Sunday with Mary Otis and then having our farewell service at the Ch Missions House on Monday the 11th at 11:30 AM. Leaving NY on the 1:10 to Chicago via the B & O. Changing there for the Canadian Pacific & reaching Seattle on Saturday the 16th sailing on Tuesday the 19th. Reaching Fort Yukon when we get there about July 1st. where I shall hope to find a letter waiting me from you. So just you get busy and mail one not later than Jun 15 and be sure to protect that best beloved picture so that time & air won't make pulp out of it!

We are having a wonderful time just loafing and getting fat & rested. We had a peach of a time in New York and Bridgeport on our way here. Eleanor had a detailed letter (see her).

It seems strange yet perfectly natural to be actually off and I can little realize that it will be 5 years ere I see you all again! By the way I heard from Hoke Ramsam that the Bishop was very much impressed by your visit & he was apparently "raving" to Hoke and I am mighty glad that you are so fast making friends that will really count in your future work.

Heaps of love. Fanny

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