Frances to John, June 8, 1917

Postmarked: Jun 8, 1917
Maple Cottage
Peapack, New Jersey

Mr John M Wells
Box 423
Pennsgrove, New Jersey

John dear:

I have just written Deaconess Mitchell thanking her for the check that accompanied her good note and shared with her my hopes and fears for you. Not in any spirit of wanting her to influence you in any way over and above your own good sense but more in the spirit of sharing something that is very near and dear to both her and my hearts. Namely my own dear brother. One of the best a girl could ever have. For you know John I am often a "funny gump" unexpressive and undemonstrative but you four younger boys are and ever will be as near and dear to me as any child of my own could possibly be.

I was glad to get your letter yesterday. It just crept in and made a wonderful warm spot in my heart. I am oh so happy that you and Joseph will be together this summer as you both need each other. He does you for often times his great big generous heart is pretty nigh busted and I know something of how lonely you have been at Pennsgrove. Stick to each other. Joe is the best friend anyone could possibly have.

Keep me well posted in what you are doing. It will mean such big heaps to me 'way far off in Alaska for I cannot then have you run in as you did at "708" and those short visits were such comforts to me.

This sounds a little homesick but believe me it is not. I am feeling entirely rested and can always open my heart and talk when I feel that way.

I am hoping to find a letter waiting at Fort Yukon that you have mailed by June 15th.

Lovingly, "Fanny"

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