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January, 2008

Happy New Year!!


The Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, January 10th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley.



Thursday -- January 24th -- 11:30 a.m. at the Panda Buffet, Bonney Lake.
A time of eating, meeting the neighbors and laughter.

      It was probably the wind that produced two 1 hour long power outages in the first nine hours of the year.

There is a trail here!

    While on a hike to the River along the trail leading from the RV lot, it was noted that the way was well marked.  Several areas were heavily covered with downed branches.  The river was viewed but the way was blocked by the wide and deep stream coming from the south.

  How long till the final plunge?Once the original trail was found, upon return to the river upstream, this grouping of trees was noted holding on precariously as the White prepared to demonstrate its power as it did almost a year ago, (see those remaining roots in the bottom center).
    Moving on to the access area of the River bottom, (see Nov 07) a hunter in camo with his firearm slung on his shoulder was spotted moving back down the trail discussed above. The best course of action was to return to Golden Valley via the shortest route.
    The 21st was a brisk sunny day that invited a short hike to the River.  The trees in the photo above are still holding on.  Not all that is white is ice.As seen in this picture the breeze was kicking up some whitecaps and some ice formed on the branches hanging near the water.  I have finally realized that the River is in one of its many turns at this point and is actually running to the WNW.  Until this is fully understood, compass bearings taken along the trail are very confusing.  With proper maps, it is felt that a path to the River upstream can be found.  This could replace the older path that was destroyed in the November 2006 storm and add much to our hiking experience.  If you listen close, the stand of 100 foot tall cottonwood (?) trees just down from the entrance of the trail will sing you an eerie song in the wind.  As they sway back and forth in the breeze you are entertained with a sound similar to that of  rusty gate hinges.  This was so odd, that you'll have to go hear it for yourself.

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