Golden Valley Winter Entrance


February, 2008


The Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, February 14th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley.


11:30 a.m.,
Thursday, February 28th
at the Panda Express, Bonney Lake


    If you were wondering what the noise was all day on the 6th to the west of here, it appears that a helicopter was pulling cut timber up by cable from the wooded area just west of the airstrip on the Sumner-Buckley highway.  Is another housing area being cleared?
    Our roadway up the hill is getting a repair job again, with the collapsed section receiving another patch of concrete which will be followed with asphalt surfacing.
    What if there was a Republican presidential caucus on the 9th and nobody else from our precinct came?  It was a great way to learn the political process of choosing our next president.  If I had the energy for such things they would have named me your delegate.  I declined, but now suggest that everybody take their mail in ballot and prepare to cast it in the upcoming primary election that is slated for the 19th.

 Looking toward Mt. Rainier  Perhaps it's time to take note of a memorial located nearby.  At the intersection of Connell's Prairie Rd E and Barkubein Rd E, this pyramid of stone has the following inscription on its four faces...

    "Near here Indians lay in ambush and killed Lieutenant McAllister and Michael Connell October 27, 1855"
    "In this vicinity seven white men on way from Camp Naches to Fort Steilacoom were ambushed by Indians October 31, 1855.  2 of the number Colonels Miles & Moses were killed"
    “50 feet directly in front of this was the Military Road from Fort Steilacoom via Naches Pass to Fort Walla Walla. located A.D. 1853-1854"
    “This Memorial erected by the Washington State Historical Society A.D. 1924"
There is an interesting historic account of the Indian War at the Washington Wars website.

    The moon put on quite a show early in the evening of the 20th when it arose in the advanced stage of a total eclipse.  Quickly it disappeared in the clouds to return a while later when the skies cleared. These photos are a little fuzzy, but show the earth's shadow as the moon emerges.  This is the last time we will see the total eclipse until December 2010.



    On the banks of Golden RipplesA late morning visitor at Golden Ripples entertained our family, (three generations), on the 23rd. It has been Identified to be the Great Blue Heron.





 Watching through the patio door. When it emerged into the yard, it was photo-op time.







    It alighted again on the other side of 66th Street near Golden Ripples.Some neighborhood activity alerted it and soon it was airborne.  A cell-phone camera recorded a video of the flight.  I suspect it may be seen again as I did note it on the same flight path a week ago.








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