March, 2008


The Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, March 13th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley.


11:30 a.m.,
Thursday, March 27th
at the Panda Express, Bonney Lake


    What other hidden treasures will be found?The Golden Valley beautification award this month goes for the recovery of the lost rustic fence which had been swallowed up by the relentless blackberry invasion.  We owe this emerged beauty to Lisle and his two days of artistic effort.
    A pair of Downy Woodpeckers were seen tapping out their courting rhythms in the trees on either side of the main gate.

Lots of bare branches.

    On the 3rd day of Spring it is noted that the trees are beginning to bud in earnest.  I'll revisit this view again on the 3rd day of Summer.

    Late in the afternoon of the 26th the snow began falling in a serious manner.  As I Observed it collecting on the grass, the blue heron made a swooping pass up Golden ripples and back.  It may have spotted my intruding eye, as it chose not to set down as has been its custom.

Snow covers everything.

    The snow continued all night.  By morning there was a three inch accumulation on the lawns.

Kibbles is buried, but keeps on smiling.







Clearing skies bring promise.










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