Mt Tacoma from Sunrise

April, 2008


The Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, April 10th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley.


11:30 a.m.,
Thursday, April 24th
at Godfather's Pizza, Bonney Lake

    On Sunday, the 13th, while looking out the back window,  there appeared two fast darting "bugs" which seemed to enjoy flying straight up into the sky and then just as fast come diving back down.  After a minute or two of enjoying their antics, one flew directly to the window and stopped completely scant inches from the glass to look at me at eye level.  I was then able to identify this "bug" as a ruby throated hummingbird, which are apparently very rare in the Western United States. No time to take their picture as they flew straight up again and disappeared from sight.  The house swallows have returned to busily rid our air of all sorts of flying bugs, and the soaring turkey vulture lifted on its great wing span towards the clouds.

Corner of Radke Rd and Buckley-Tapps


  It looks like the future development at the top of the hill is expanding before the first spade is turned.




The perfect resting place before hitting the trail.    During a quick check of the newly developing community area beyond the RV parking, we find the addition of a picnic spot with a sturdy table and benches.  With a comfortable campfire and a cool evening breeze, this would be a great place to gather and break out the song sheets to sing a few choruses of, "In the Good Ole' Summer Time", and other old favorites.

It's ready for your hot dogs and marshmallows.


   There seems to be an unlimited source of firewood for the fire pit.  Feel ambitious?  Check out the trail.  This area will soon see many improvements.



Moss hangs from the branches


    On the last day of the month another portion of the trail system was investigated..  Heading upriver at the 'Three Seats Trail', (see February 2007), the way is pretty straight forward.


The rejuvenating wonder of Spring.



    New ferns are emerging.






Looking directly East


     Here is the view of the river upstream.







   Swift flowing, but not flood stage, yet.

Majesticly rising from his perch.





     Downstream at the apple orchard a bald eagle was spotted perched on some driftwood awaiting dinner to swim by.  Its 'eagle eye' spotted the camera and immediately our national emblem became airborne and headed down river.

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