Mt Tacoma from Sunrise

May, 2008


The Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, May 8th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley. 
Invite the wife to this special Mother's Day breakfast.


11:30 a.m.,
Thursday, May 22nd
at Godfather's Pizza, Bonney Lake

All on his own.


    This baby opossum wandered through the back yard by Golden Ripples, around lunch time on the 2nd.  This was not a good sign since they are a nocturnal animal.





     Snoqualmie Falls is a great day trip of 40 miles.







    Many donated items have been added to make the area enjoyable for all.A hike to the river on the 18th found that the reports of serious snow melt in the mountains are true.  Though the current was swift and the water very muddy, the threat of the White River flooding seems remote.  On the way back a stop by the new community fire pit area shows many improvements and residue of a recent gathering to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.  A Bravo Zulu to those responsible. 



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