Mt Tacoma from Sunrise

June, 2008

    After a lapse of a few weeks the long awaited summer appeared for several days and the opportunity arose on Flag Day to visit the Mountain again.  Out-of-town visitors made the day trip very enjoyable.  The Senior leader led the way.The road to Sunrise is still blocked by the slow melting and abundant snows of the past season, but we made our way to the White River campground for some spectacular views.  The trail was covered with snow, but memory served well and we soon found our way to the River.Beautiful Sunshiny Day!










     On Sunday  a new memorial was dedicated to the Loggers of Washington. It is located near the library in Enumclaw.

   "The Logging Legacy -- Tough, Courageous and Larger Than Life -- This monument is dedicated to the people whose courage and hard work built the foundation for our community, creating economic opportunity for our state and the region.  With this memorial, we seek to honor the over 8,000 dead and the 65,000 injured logging this plateau and these mountains.  Though rarely glorified in their work, these men embodied the physical toughness and mental resolve that has become synonymous with the pioneers of the West.  This is our logging legacy."




    The bronze sculpture of the yoke of oxen being led by the drover is hauling an actual log (which will be replaced with a permanent bronze one soon.)






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