Mt Tacoma from Sunrise

July, 2008


The Golden Valley Men's Breakfast Club!
Thursday, July 10th.  8:00 am to 9:30 am, 410 Cafe,
Hwy 410 in Buckley.

The July Ladies' Potluck Salad Luncheon will be 11:30, Thursday the 24th at Sandy Young's house.

   When the food came, all was quiet again. The July Men's Breakfast filled the back room with 20 neighbors in attendance.

    Plans have been laid for all those available to meet at the fire pit on Thursday the 17th at 10 am to take an exploratory hike along the river trails to check the nature and extent of damages with a mind of getting together a working party at 9:30 on Thursday the 24th to have things in shape for the upcoming community picnic that is scheduled for August. (The advance guard was seen returning, with machete on his belt, from his walk-a-bout in that area today.)

  10 hardy souls with 20 hardy soles gathered for the hike on the 17th!    Trail Master

  Dick led the way.







 Which way do we go? After a while, we found the beaver dam, but lost our direction.                 








Let's go back that way.  It's that way...








Our Happy Place  Happy are we to recover our bearings.







Bottom lands of the White.  A low White River reveals its secrets.







Like a Rain Forest  Some areas displayed lush summer growth.  A number of areas have been identified as prime targets for improvements during the work outing next Thursday.



  On the 19th the Wilkeson handcar races Off to a great start!provided excitement that can only happen through the dedicated efforts of small town volunteerism.  The races were held at the coke ovens site, (those 'caves' behind the grandstand.)



  Seattle Cossacks Motorcycle Stunt and Drill Team.The Seattle Cossacks provided an entertaining performance and numerous musical groups were heard throughout the day.






Both the trail clearing and the ladies luncheon mentioned above were unqualified successes.  The way to the river is now free of the dreaded - stinging nettles.


2007 Easter Lily    This Easter Lily was brought home from the church service mentioned on the April 2007 page.  That congregation has now closed its doors, but the friendships and memories will continue, just as this Easter Lily has rejuvenated itself 16 months later.

   There was a great view of Mt. Adams on the 28th, if you happened to be on Sunrise Ridge.Photo needs a good lens filter.  The Cold Springs Fire over that way is reported to be 98% contained.  Back at the White River campground, the trail to Glacier Basin sounds passable in spite of the damage of this past winter.  That adventure will wait for better scheduling in a month or so.  I did catch a rare glimpse of a Pine Marten as it scampered across the road and disappeared over the hillside.

Is the grass greener?   The long sought after answer to the burning question - "How do cows moov  from one side of the pasture to the other?" - was answered - "On the Sumner-Buckley highway!"



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