Golden Valley Winter Entrance


Mt Tacoma

February, 2009


   Mud Mt Dam 2009   White River flood control begins at the Mud Mountain Dam.  This view on the third is      quite different than what was here a month ago.  Water was covering the small tower in the foreground.  Today an eroding slide is being repaired.





Mud Mt Resevoir

       Compare this photo with the one on the July 2007.  The catch basin was filled up to the line shown here by the mud covered trees.  A rough guess would be around 75 feet above the current level of the White River.  That's a lot of water, so perhaps the spring melt will be mild this year.  That thought will have to wait till the park reopens.


Snow flurry 2-9-9

The snow on Monday, the 9th was over as fast as it came.  It began as miniature snow balls that bounced like hail on the roofs and streets. 






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