Golden Valley Entrance


Mt Tacoma from Sunrise.

March, 2009

The new river bank.     On Friday the 6th, between weather systems, the river offered a path to investigate the new banks created in January.  The previous day's hail storm was still in evidence in the shaded areas.  The river is now some 12 to 16 feet lower than the apple orchard area as seen in this photo.  Those banks are still eroding and dangerous to approach from above.
     As I  lowered myself to the river level, I was reminded of the time a few years back when I took my brother's large dog down to the creek on his farm back in Illinois.  We made it down the bank in good style and enjoyed exploring the creek bed.  When it was time to return to the farmhouse, poor old Mandy, who was greatly overweight and suffering from arthritis, could not make it back up the bank.  I had to cut steps, using rocks from the creek, and then get behind her and push.  That was probably her last trip to the creek.   I am happy to report that 'this' old dog was nimbly able to climb back up from the river bottoms. 

The bear cub and the coon.     These tracks can be described as a black bear cub and a raccoon.  (The shoe is only for size comparison!)  I doubt that they were traveling together.  They were spotted in the same area as the above photo.  The 'pitted' texture was probably a result of the hail.




Rest awhile



     Another snowfall greeted the Valley on the morning of the 9th.  The bench seems to be saying, "Sit back and enjoy God's art appreciation class."

The crocus are in bloom.



     Even the crocus were enjoying the interlude, knowing that the sun would soon shine again.




Even the seagull was grounded.


     Was this seagull feeling a little grounded as it rested by Golden Ripples? 






February 2009
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