Golden Valley Entrance


Mt Tacoma from Sunrise.

May, 2009

     Vandalized frisbee golfA pleasant hike to the river on the afternoon of the 23rd was marred when it was discovered that a wanton act of vandalism has damaged the frisbee golf target basket reported on last month.  It appears that someone first tried to dig it out of the ground, and when that failed, bent it to the current condition.  Perhaps they mistakenly thought it to be a poacher's deer feeding station? How sad...

    The house swallows were enjoying a feast of insects as they darted back and forth scant feet above the river. 

    Did you notice, Memorial Day comes a week early this year?  The sunny warm days in Golden Valley are here to greet it anyway.

The Invocation


   A well attended Memorial Day service was held at Veteran's Memorial Park in Enumclaw on Sunday afternoon, the 24th.

   The Gateway Concert Band provided patriotic music for the occasion. 



VFW Ladies Auxiliary wreath Gateway Concert Band









 Profusion of beauty



    It seemed at times that the past winter had spelled doom for many plants in Golden Valley.  How nice it is to see so many spring back.  A walk around the neighborhood becomes an art show featuring God's creation.




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