Golden Valley Entrance


Mt Tacoma from Sunrise.

June, 2009

   The lush woods




  The woods put on a great show to welcome warm weather.




New ferns unfolding.


   New ferns are unfolding everywhere.  Use the underside of these leaves to relieve stinging nettle pain.





Westeren Tiger Swallowtail

    The morning of the 2nd I watched as two Western Tiger Swallowtail butterflies flitted through the wild flowers on the other side of Golden Ripples.  In the afternoon one returned to get its picture taken with a bumblebee.


The River's Edge

     With the temperatures in the 80's for several days, the snow pack on the mountain has been melting at a rapid rate, swelling the river. It has risen more than a foot in the past day.  This photo shows a scotch broom shrub right at the edge on the 3rd.  How long before the bank erodes and it is swept away?  The roar of the river can be heard from downtown Golden Valley.


Fallen tree creates a wing dam.


     The trees which were noted in January of 2008 are still in their perilous position. One is still living and the other has now become a valuable wing dam that is actually turning the current away from the embankment, thus slowing the erosion effect that has been eating away at the meadowland.  The river is angrily roiling at this barrier.

Hairy Woodpecker   


 Spotted only four foot off the ground, this Hairy Woodpecker is intently enjoying her meal.  The unflustered bird was only twelve feet from the cameraman.

New Picnic Shelter


     The new shelter is up and ready at the beck and call of Golden Valley picnickers.  Pete and the construction crew are to be complimented.

Picnic Shelter detail.



  Closer detail of Western Washington construction skill.





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