Golden Valley Entrance


From Golden Valley gate.

July, 2009

   Young robin on its own.

        The two parents were putting up a great fuss, and then at least two youngsters fluttered to the ground and were on their own.  One eventually found its way into Dolores's garage (perhaps not a good choice), but the other, seen here, took shelter in the azalea bushes.  It was last seen back by Golden Ripples, where a parent took it some juicy bugs for nourishment.  Good luck to the little critter.


Horizonal Basalt Columns - Mt. Peak

     With an expert guide leading the way, the challenging hike to the summit of Mt. Peak, (near Enumclaw),  became  an enjoyable half day outing.  Don is posing next to a horizontal outcropping of basalt columns, (large eruptions of basalt lava),  proving the volcanic history of this mountain.

 We are almost to the summit.

Geodetic Survey marker.


     A number of these benchmarks can be found on Mt. Peak.  Maps can be drawn from such markers, and property lines accurately placed.    





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