Restored by Pat D - 2010 (there is a buck behind the 2nd rock from the right in the top row.)


From Golden Valley gate.

May, 2010


This house is leaving Golden Valley in several days.


        In a few days this house will be split apart and moved to its new location near Lake Tapps.

     Site preparation, (removing trees, plantings, sidewalks, etc.), is well underway.  All utilities have been disconnected.  The dump truck is parked where the garage was. 


Separated and ready.



     The separation is complete and the home has been lifted from its footings.





The move begins.

     The first half, moved on a rainy morning is seen here in downtown Golden Valley.







Inch by inch.


   The second half is lifted by jacks and rolled sideways to line it up with the garage floor. 






Ready to attempt the ramp.


     Making its way up a temporary incline. 






Operated by joystick and much skill.


     The remote controlled dozer has pushed it out of the pit. 






Ready to head on down the road.


     The final turn squares it with the street and it's on its way as the rain ceases.  It will be restored at its new address and look like new again.  Best wishes to Al and Jackie who were good neighbors. This site now must await new tennants. 



Baby American Bison.


     Springtime at the Northwest Trek means new arrivals.  This is one of four new American bison born in the past month.  Its orange color hides the calf from its predator, the wolf, which like all canines is color blind.  Always something new at the park.  (See another Trek photo on last month's page.)


Dead Scotch Broom



     Pictured on the June 2009 page, the soil under this scotch broom has now eroded away and left this remnant to die from malnutrition  The shed is gone now too.



Look where you walk in the woods.


    Stinging nettles (some 8' tall) are encroaching all along the river trail, so be mindful.  Remember that rubbing with fern leaves (spore side down) or slug slime may help relieve the pain if you should come in contact.




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