Gated Community With An Open Gate at times.


View from Enumclaw

November, 2010


Bald Eagle watching White River area.A lone Bald Eagle keeps watch while awaiting the arrival of its mate. Eagle close-up.The two soon took flight together down the River. Overcast morning sunrise. 

     An otherwise dreary overcast rainy day began in a spectacular manner on the 9th when the early morning sun in the East rose over the Cascades and peeked below the cloud cover for a 10 minute "Good Morning Golden Valley"!  A half hour later the rains began once again.

      Snow Angel?

 After the snow stopped at 6 inches on Thanksgiving week, a Varied Thrush attempted a landing, but was quickly airborne again leaving behind this imprint of its maneuver.  In three days the snow was all but gone also.





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