Gated Community With An Open Gate at times.


View from Enumclaw

December, 2010


Cascade foothills sans the Mountain 


     Even when it's snowing on Mt. Rainier, the Cascade foothills can be seen during a chilly sun-break sort of day.  Mt. Rainier is hidden by the clouds at the right side of the photo.


 GV Christmas lights




     Many homes have again brightened the neighborhood with festive lights and displays for Christmas.



Clearing the stream



     On the morning of the 17th the yard crew arrived to clear the stream of its dense blackberry entanglement.



Where are the goats?



     They moved swiftly and with single purpose.  Perhaps goats could be employed to maintain the area.




Clearing upstream


      Soon the channel was re-opened further upstream.  Good news; the bird sanctuary was left intact.  All cut material was moved back from the stream and left where it lay.




Mystery stream revealed.


      Perhaps Golden Ripples was once known as "Mystery River".  It cascades freely now down the newly uncovered stream bed.  Could this become a new kayaking venue?  What shall we call the newly created Blackberry Island?  Is a naming contest in order?



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