Gated Community With An Open Gate at times.


View from Enumclaw

January, 2011

Closer to Mt. Rainier



     Let's begin the new year with yet another view of the mountain, some two miles closer than Golden Valley, looking across plateau farmland. (Photo by KJG)



Foggy walk in winter.



     On the first Wednesday of the new year a fog moved into the White River valley prior to the expected drizzle, playing optical tricks along the half frozen river trail. 



Eerie monster from the deep woods.


     A giant multi-tentacled monster lurking nearby reached up out of the forest floor in a less than successful attempt to ensnare unwary denizens innocently passing by. 



Ferns in mid-winter rest.


     Another view of the meadow near the river.  Here the once green ferns of last summer slumber before rejuvenating in the coming spring.





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