Gated Community With An Open Gate at times.


View from Enumclaw

February, 2011


Scenery next to geocache site.


     If using multi-million dollar satellites to find Tupperware in the woods sounds like an interesting hobby, then geocaching might interest you. This scene at the nearby canal that transports water from the White River to Lake Tapps also is the hiding place of a geocache "treasure" waiting to be discovered by hobbyists. 

Flume bracing

     On a short walk on II-11-11 up the flume from the Foothills Trail, new repairs to the structure can be seen.  The cross rails that have been in place since its beginning 100 years ago keep the side walls from bursting outward from the weight of the water.



Side view of repairs.



     Here we see the repairs done along the wooden sidewalls.  (New wood has not yet weathered to gray like the older vertical beams.)  This part of the structure is a half mile long and above ground.



The diversion dam.  

       A closer view of the diversion dam seen in the distance is still prevented by no trespassing signs which seem to have been recently placed.  Another path without signs was found to the river's edge.  At this time the river is flowing unrestricted.  It was an interesting walk through the woods to this point and two coyotes and a turkey vulture were observed. 

      Mystery piers.



      Some large piers are still resisting the river's might even after the bridge they supported had been removed many years ago. 

      Total roundtrip walking distance to all the sites shown above is about 3 miles! 




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