Gated Community With An Open Gate at times.


View from Enumclaw

March, 2011


     There is a hike through the woods near the gate that presents a steep elevation change challenge.  The walking staff was substituted in the place of the camera and for now there are no pictures.  Next time the camera will be added to the inventory, but there have been rain delays recently.

New growth.


     Last August two bags of daffodil bulbs were purchased from the Daffodil Parade committee during the Sumner Arts Festival.  They have sprouted and are ready to bloom at the first hint of sun and warmth.







It's ready.



      This bud is waiting to open when the sun shines on it again.





St. Paddy's Day bloom

     After several days of clouds and rain, St. Paddy's Day brought the sunshine and the daffodils are beginning to open.




Ants on the attack. 


     I acquired Auntie for an Awana project and the creature joined the hike on the 24th.  First stop was the anthill along the road near the gate.  There was a gallant battle that finally resulted in Auntie's retreat.  That hoard of ants meant business.


     Top of the climb.


     Entering the woods on the path under the trees next to the anthill, it's an easy uphill climb, using the walking staff and a switch-back approach.  At the top we can look back to the road below.

Out on the road.


     This picture was looking at the gate area from where the climb had brought us.  The now cloudy skies opened into a gentle rain.




another anthill skirmish.


     As we headed a ways up the road, several more anthills caught Auntie's eye and battles with similar results as before were waged.

Coming back down and looking back up.


     We headed back down the hill at another point, (which now created a greater change in elevation than the route up), and glanced back from whence we came.


      Auntie found a place to rest.        Antie's favorite hiding place.

Almost back to the road.


     Auntie was able to take this picture for me.

      In all, it made for a great, challenging, short walk.  Come and join me sometime.





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