Mt Tacoma from Sunrise

April, 2011


A Good Friday visit.



     They flew in for a visit on Good Friday.  A neighbor reports that they have also been spotted a hundred yards upstream.  Is the Mallard couple considering a nest nearby?






A rock wall is a great place for a rest.



     After bottom feeding for a while, they left Golden Ripples to preen and rest. 







All Preened.


     The drake maintains a sharp lookout, while resting. 








Hen remains near the water.


     The hen meanwhile rested by the stream's edge.  In all, they were around for a good hour or so, before they were last seen swimming back upstream.







USGS survey team


     Came across a USGS survey team at the river on the 28th.  They have been involved in a Pierce County project to determine the affect the receding glaciers are having on sediment (rocks?) build-up in the White River over time.  Too much sediment will lead to flooding problems.






Quarter mile upstream from apple tree.



  The team is about a quarter mile upstream (in the center just above black log).  Need binoculars?  The old apple tree (on left) is about 5 feet from the bank's edge now and could be gone with next winter's storms.





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